Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Book Chick's 2011 Challenge Sign-Up Post

Forgive me for not posting each of these challenges individually. This year I would like to have all of my challenges posted in a single post, primarily for my own convenience.

2010 was the first year that I participated in challenges, and although I kept track of what I read for each challenge, I'll admit that I didn't actually go back to the host site and post my review links. Maybe I'll actually do that this year. Or maybe not. I'll see how things go. I enjoy participating in challenges, but mainly because it brings me interesting insight into my own reading habits and it encourages me to read books that I may not have read otherwise. There are two challenges that I will not be participating in this year, the New Author Challenge and the Chick Lit Challenge. They were both great challenges, but I found neither challenging. Apparently I like reading books by new-to-me authors because I read a total of 105 books by them last year. My goal was 25. Hmmmm....gotta love an overachiever! I enjoyed Chick Lit Challenge but stopped keeping track of my reads part way through the year. Let's face it: I love chick lit, and will read it without being challenged to.

In 2011 I will continue participating in two challenges with 2011 end dates: The Canadian Book Challenge 4 and The Read, Remember, Recommend Fiction Reading Challenge.

So, these are the challenges that I will be signing up for in 2011:

The 100+ Reading Challenge hosted by My Overstuffed Bookshelf

The goal is to read 100+ books in the year. In 2010 I read a total of 140 books (to date), but my plan this year is to have a more relaxed approach to my reading and my only goal for this challenge is to read 100 books.

The 2011 Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by Book Junkie's Bookshelf

The goal for this one is to read 30+ books from your local library. In 2010 I succeeded in reading 26 library books, so it may be a bit of a challenge to reach 30, but I love my local library and all that it brings to my community so I am going to try my best. Since I just got an eReader and can now check books out of the eLibrary program it should make this challenge a little easier.

The South Asian Challenge 2011 hosted by S.Krishna's Books

The goal for this challenge is to read books about South Asia or written by South Asian authors. I'm signing up to be a South Asian Explorer and to read 5 books that fit the category. I'm excited about this challenge because I enjoy South Asian books but didn't read many in 2010.

2011 E-Book Reading Challenge hosted by The Ladybug Reads

This challenge challenges you to read eBooks. Since my wonderful husband got me a Sony eReader for Christmas I'd like to put it to good use. I plan to participate at the "Addicted" level, meaning that I'm committing to reading 12 eBooks in 2011, but hopefully I'll be able to reach the "Obsessed" level and actually read 20. My library offers eBooks for checkout, so that should make this challenge even easier.

2011 RYOB Challenge (no host at this time)

The site that hosted this challenge last year has yet to put up a 2011 sign-up page, but I'm still going to challenge myself to read 25 books of my choice off of my own bookshelves this year. I enjoyed participating last year, and since my personal bookshelf tends to grow in leaps and bounds (darn you, amazing used bookstore!) I want to make sure that I'm actually reading these books. My only rules for myself are that it has to be a personal copy of mine, and not a library or review copy. As far as this goes, though, the books that count for this challenge can be new, used, or contest wins.


  1. good luck with your challenges!


  2. Sounds ambitious and like lots of fun. I'll be cheering you on!

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