Sunday, April 8, 2018

"Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties" by Camille Pagan

I love the premise of this- woman spends her entire adult life caring for her family, only to discover that she's lost herself. This is a theme that I think many of us women can relate to. As a mother myself I struggle to find time to do everything that I love while taking care of my family and working full time. How do we not lose ourselves a little along the way?

I really enjoyed the book at the beginning. The words are gorgeously crafted and the author really knows how to get her point across in an elegant way. Unfortunately for me, this book lost me when protagonist Maggie Harris goes to Rome alone in order to find herself again. That part was too "Eat, Pray, Love" me for, which is a book that I found annoying personally. That all comes down to personal preference, I know, but it is worth mentioning for those who feel the same way as me.

While the book lost me midway through, I rarely meet a book that I can't finish, and this one finished strong for me. Back were the enticing scenarios and the thought-provoking passages, and I enjoyed the ending of the book more than I did the middle.

As I mentioned, Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties was very well-written, and had a great theme which carried me through the rough parts. Overall I'm glad that Pagan was able to tackle such a fresh topic and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to read this book. 3.5 stars.

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