Sunday, March 4, 2018

SURPRISE ME by Sophie Kinsella

It's always so fun to crack open the latest Sophie Kinsella book, and I look forward to each one!

Although this book is a light-hearted and quick read there's a lot of depth there too! Sylvie and Dan have been married for a long time, and if their doctor and his predictions of along and healthy life are any indication, they will be married for a very long time yet! Although they are both happy about that, they are a little panicked too. The rest of their lives with only one person? Won't that get boring? Their marriage is already pretty comfortable!

Dan and Sylvie set out to surprise one another at Sylvie's insistence. And somehow, nothing goes right. Suddenly Sylvie wishes that they had never attempted to surprise each other in the first place!

Sweet, thought-provoking, and flinchingly honest at times, Surprise Me was a pleasure to read from start to finish. I found myself drawn to Sylvie and her thoughts about her marriage, and I was rooting for her and Dan to find their way somehow! Sure, this was a lighter read, a "fluffy" read in many ways but I enjoyed it as a fun escape from the every day and the writing was as enjoyable as always.

I already can't wait for Kinsella's next release!

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