Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"More For The Heart (Stories in Pairs, Set 2)" by Ekta R. Garg

Earlier this year I reviewed Two for the Heart by Ekta R. Garg, two short stories that connect in some way. I enjoyed the two short stories and am pleased that Garg plans to release more pairs of stories over the next year. The next in her releases is More for the Heart, which I have the privilege to review today!

More for the Heart expands on the stories of the characters that we met in Two for the Heart. In the first story, "Making the Proposal" we learn about how Pooja and Ashkay's unique arrangement came to be. Since I enjoyed getting to know them both in the first set of stories I was happy to have the opportunity to find out how their unique arrangement came to be. I enjoyed their story so much that I would love to read a longer story about them some day!

The second story, "Reminiscence", expands on the relationship between sisters Rose and Helen, who have been estranged for many years. Given the circumstances surrounding Helen's tragic accident, will Rose stay this time around? I enjoyed this story as well, however I found it hard to connect with Rose. I understand that this is part of who she is as a person, she is rather distant at times, but since I had a hard time connecting with her I had a harder time connecting to the story as a whole. It was still enjoyable but it wasn't my favourite of the two.

Garg has created yet another interesting and involving pair of stories in More for the Heart and I am looking forward to her future releases! I enjoy discovering the connection between the two stories, and I'm glad that her next installment in the series will feature new characters to get to know and love! My thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy.

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