Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Three Amazing Things About You" by Jill Mansell

Hallie is living with cystic fibrosis on a daily basis. Every day her ability to breathe diminishes and she doesn't know how she would get through without the love and support of her fantastic friends and her mother. Hallie manages to keep her attitude positive, despite her desperate need for a lung transplant if she wants to live much longer, but the fact that she has a crush on her doctor isn't really helping things. Especially as her best friend is completely oblivious and she keeps scheming to get the handsome doctor and his ex-girlfriend back together.

Tasha can't believe that she met her boyfriend while she was rummaging through a trash bin looking for her lost credit card, but she has. And he's perfect in every way with one exception- he is into extreme sports and he loves the thrill of adrenaline that comes with trying them all. Tasha is incredibly worried that one day Rory just won't return from whichever adventure he went on, and this worry plagues her day in and day out.

Flo really likes Zander, and Zander really likes Flo in return. The problem is his selfish, scary sister who will not be even slightly amused if she finds out that the two are seeing one another. There is no way that she will allow that to happen with her blessing but the two are in love, and love conquers all, right?

It's no secret that Jill Mansell is one of my favourite authors. Her new releases are one of the few things that I have to look forward to in dreary January! I always find that her new releases are filled with heart, and the happy endings (while entirely predictable) are the equivalent of soaking in a warm bath with a cup of tea and a new book to read. They are just that enjoyable!

I have yet to meet a Jill Mansell book that I haven't enjoyed and Three Amazing Things About You is no exception. There are three stories being told, and while at first they weren't intertwined in any way I had a guess that they soon would be. I was right, although they didn't come together in the way that I originally predicted! I like that Mansell threw me for a bit of a loop with how she chose to have things go. I'm sure that I was not the only one who thought that things would go one way when in fact they went another!

I loved all of the three main characters in this book, and I was equally satisfied with how each of their stories went. Hallie was a strong character despite her debilitating illness, and somehow she managed to never let her dire circumstances get her down. Flo was quirky and sure of herself, and I admired her strength. Tasha was a lot of fun as well and I wanted things to turn out well for her. She had a great supporting character as a best friend, and their parts of the story made it really fun to read.

I just can't complain about Three Things About You. What was there to complain about? There was a strong, intriguing plot, characters that I rooted for all along the way, and a conclusion that was satisfying without being too over the top. While parts of the story were most definitely sad, others were less so and the overall result was a story that was warm and heartfelt and thought-provoking. I read this one purely for my own pleasure, not for review, and I'm glad that I did.

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