Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Sunday Post

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Another week flew by! It was a busy week here which was nice for a change. Usually my second week of afternoon shift drags on and on, with no end in sight, but this one went fairly fast and we are already at the weekend! I managed to make it to the gym four times this week, which I was pretty happy with. The husband was sick so I also managed to catch up on watching Season 2 of The 100. Is anyone else watching that show? A person at work recommended it to me and I just can't stop watching it! Unfortunately now that I'm all caught up I will have to wait for this week for another episode. Oh well, at least The Walking Dead is back on tonight!

In exciting bookish news for me I finally got all of my gift cards in the mail and I purchased my Kobo Aura H20! I love it so far but have yet to actually read a book on it in entirety, so I will reserve my judgement until then. I had a book on my old eReader that I could no longer download from Netgalley so I needed to read that before it expired. I also had over 150 books to load onto there and sort! That took a while- two glasses of wine last night to be exact! It's done, though, and I'm hoping that I don't need to do that again!

We are getting some freezing rain in my part of Ontario today so we went out for breakfast as a family this morning, ran a few errands, and then we headed home to hibernate! I always enjoy time like this as it gives me the opportunity to catch up on my blogging and reading (not to mention my laundry!). Speaking about reading I am almost finished Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting. It is so good! It sucked me in at the very beginning and it hasn't let me go yet! I tried to read Leftovers by Stella Newman this week as well but I gave up about 100 pages in. I was reading it, yet found that I didn't care about the characters one way or the other so I figured that it was time to give up. I rarely don't finish a book, but in this case I have too many fantastic books to read and not enough time for those books that aren't doing it for me! I only reviewed one book this week, Jill Mansell's Three Amazing Things About You.

A few books entered into my inbox this week! Secrets in the Sky by Pauline Wiles, If We Lived Here by Lindsey Palmer, and Wish You Were Here by Catherine Alliot. I'm excited to read them all! If you're in an area that is being affected by these winter storms, stay safe and have a great week!

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  1. 150books and here I am with ten thinking it is more than enough! Enjoy.