Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

I received two different sets of Broadway Impress Manicure nails from Influenster Canada to try in exchange for my honest opinion. My first impression of them was how pretty the patterns are!  There are a ton to choose from no matter what your individual preferences are. I received a pretty pink one as well as a purple and bronze one to try.

I found applying them to be quick and easy. In my opinion it helps if you take a few minutes before applying them to figure out which nail you will use for each finger and then line them up accordingly. The imPress manicure includes various nail sizes so that no matter the shape of your fingers you are likely to find a size that will work for you. Despite the fact that my nail beds can be broad I found it easy to find the right sizes. I made sure that my nails were clean and polish- free and then applying them was as easy as peeling and sticking. Voila! Instant manicure!

My Broadway imPress manicure lasted a few days before the nails began getting loose. I work in an environment that requires me to use my fingers quite a bit, though, so it's likely that if you have a less intensive job than I do they could last longer than that. I absolutely loved the fact that once I was ready to take them off they peeled off easily. They didn't leave a mess behind (the nail beds were a little sticky initially but the residue washed off quickly with soap and water). My favourite part of the removal is that they didn't damage my nail beds! That was my number one concern!

I would definitely buy these nails in the future. I found that they were as easy to use as promised and they made my nails look so nice! The patterned ones would be especially nice to use for a special occasion, and the solid coloured ones would be great for the everyday! My thanks to Influenster Canada for providing me with a set to try!

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