Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: "Tempting Fate" by Jane Green

Forty-three year old Gabby has everything that she could ever wish for. Her husband Elliot truly is her best friend, she has two daughters whom she adores, and while her friends seem to be grasping for their youth by wearing expensive, skimpy outfits and frequently going out to singles bars, Gabby is quite content to just be 43. That is until one night when Matt walks into her life. Matt is younger than her by 10 years and he truly makes her feel alive again. When she meets him at a bar she has no idea how he will turn her life upside down. At first Gabby and Matt maintain contact only through flirty e-mails, e-mails that make Gabby feel desirable again, but as the nature of their contact changes Gabby must consider if her boundaries and limits are quite as firm as she thought that they were.

Jane Green has done it again! Tempting Fate had me frantically turning the pages to find out what would happen next. At one point I even e-mailed a friend of mine who had read the book before me, incredulous about a plot twist that has just happened!

Despite the fact that I don't exactly gravitate towards books about infidelity, given the fact that I am so firmly against it, I thought that Jane Green handled this sensitive topic in a way that was respectful to all of the emotions and people involved. I felt that the reactions of the various characters involved in the story were realistic and likely accurate given the situation, and I appreciated that. I could sympathise with all of the characters, regardless of how much or how little they were involved in the main plot.

The one criticism I could offer for Tempting Fate is how neatly the ending wrapped up. Endings that are too picture perfect are my personal pet peeve, and I did feel that this one, despite it being satisfying on one level, was too abrupt and a little too perfect on another. This still did not lessen my enjoyment of the book!

Well-written with a thoroughly engaging plot, Tempting Fate is yet another must read from the pen of Jane Green. If this is your first Jane Green book or if it's your fourteenth, it will not disappoint!


  1. Great review! We definitely agree on a lot!

    1. We do! That may explain why we are such good bookish friends! I know that if I liked something, you probably did/will too!