Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: "Mistletoe in Manhattan: A Christmas Story" by Talli Roland

Holly's parents run a business that brings Christmas to the masses- all year round! Sick to death of felt elf costumes and having her bottom pinched by drunken businessmen, Holly is thrilled when she is presented with the opportunity to plan a huge holiday bash for British TV star Dean Layton- in New York! This is the opportunity for her to hit the big time, and she can't wait.

At first New York is everything that she dreamed of and more but as Dean's demanding and unhelpful assistant piles more and more work on her and as it becomes a very real possibility that Holly will miss Christmas at home with her family she begins to wonder if being party planner to the stars is what she really wants.

I am a Christmas junkie- I really and truly love the season! I love the snow and the Christmas lights and the goodwill towards men. With the busyness of the season I find it difficult to read full-length novels since my brain is a jumble and my to-do list is a mile long! I appreciate Christmas novellas such as Talli Roland's Mistletoe in Manhattan because it allows me to get my Christmas story fix! I devoured her latest in one delicious sitting.

Mistletoe in Manhattan has it all- a festive theme, a blossoming romance, and a gorgeous cover (Talli's covers are among my very favourites and I always look forward to seeing her newest ones!). I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and festive read. As a bonus an excerpt of Talli's upcoming full-length novel, The Pollyanna Plan, is included as well! My thanks to the author for providing me with this review copy.


  1. Thanks for reviewing one I hadn't heard about - I'm off to look for it!)

  2. I keep thinking it's too early for holiday stuff but then I catch a glimpse of the calendar and panic. LOL! This one sounds fun even if I am still in denial about how close Christmas is.

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