Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: "The Playgroup" by Janey Fraser

Puddleducks Playgroup is just about to begin a new term and Gemma Merryfield is about to be completely in charge for the very first time. She has worked at Puddleducks for three years but this is the first opportunity that she will have to be the leader. Little does Gemma know that this term will be extraordinary. She will need to use all of the strength that she has in order to work with the gruff new head of Reception, Joe Balls, as well as deal with both a major medical emergency and a mysterious disappearance, but in the end Gemma will find that it was all worth it.

The Playgroup was an enjoyable, easy read that will make the perfect choice for the parents of small children. Anyone who has ever sent their children to daycare or who have worked in a daycare themselves will recognize the various kinds of mothers that you would encounter as well as the various kinds of kids that your children make friends with! Author Janey Fraser makes sure to include all kinds of children in her story, from the ones who sit quietly in the corner to the ones who do not play well with others!

The Playgroup kept me guessing at times! Gemma and Joe, both main characters, have secrets that are revealed to us bit by bit and I certainly enjoyed uncovering the truth. Fraser does a good job of keeping us in the dark as well- my initial guesses as to what the secrets were weren't even close! She also includes some romance and some happily-ever-after making this one a great choice for those looking for a fun beach read.

My only complaint is that there are a lot of different characters to keep track of. Combine the little ones with their mothers and then add in all of the other bit players and at times things got confusing! There were a few occasions when I had no idea who the character speaking at the moment was. Usually this annoys me to no end, however Fraser does acquaint us quite well with the main players, so I never felt confused when it came to them (and truly this story is about them anyways).

Overall The Playgroup was a light but interesting read that I will not hesitate to recommend to those looking for a book to take with them to the beach. My thanks to the publishers for providing me with this review copy!

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