Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: "Promises, Promises" by Erica James

Maggie is married to a man who not only doesn't appreciate her, but doesn't even try. He's more concerned with what time his dinner will be on the table than how her day was, even though she spends her days cleaning houses for people with more money than manners, and Maggie's had enough. Ella is a free spirit with a love for specialty interior design, and she's not looking for a man, but one's about to find her. Ethan is in a loveless marriage, and he's sworn to himself that there will be no more affairs, but when he comes across an angel painting a ridiculously expensive mural in his living room, all bets are off.

All three of these people have made promises to themselves, but keeping them may prove to be harder than they thought.

Erica James has penned another winner for fans of women's fiction with Promises, Promises. I thoroughly enjoyed her other Sourcebooks release, The Queen of New Beginnings, and this book was equally enjoyable. James has a way with words, and I find myself sucked into her stories as soon as I pick them up. I felt a special empathy for the under-appreciated Maggie, whose husband is demanding but unwilling to give anything back to her in return. He doesn't stop to think about Maggie at all, and he allows his son and his mother to treat her as their personal slave. Her story line quickly became my favorite out of the three that thread through the book.

Well-written with an interesting plot, Promises, Promises is sure to appeal to the majority of fans of women's fiction. The fact that this story is set in the UK was a special bonus for me, and I look forward to reading Erica James' next release.

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  1. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this book. I will be reading it soon, and I'm looking forward to it, as I haven't read "chick lit" that isn't by Jill Mansell in a long time!