Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: "A Bump in the Road" by Maureen Lipinski

I won a copy of Maureen Lipinski's Not Ready for Mom Jeans a while ago, read it, and loved it. A Bump in the Road is the book that comes before Mom Jeans, and I just knew that I had to read it.

Clare and Jake are in their late twenties and are certainly not planning for children. In fact after enduring a plane ride in which a child on the plane with them alternates between kicking their seat and screaming loudly they are decidedly against the idea of having children in the near future. When Clare finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, they get over the initial shock only to find themselves thrown into the world of impending parenthood. In between choosing items for their little one on the way, figuring out exactly how one uses a Diaper Genie, and battling her mother-in-law about her pregnancy choices, Clare and Jake find themselves excited to meet the little one on the way. Clare's pretty sure that she's still not ready for mom jeans, though.

A Bump in the Road is an absolutely hilarious journey. Immediately after reading it I added it to my "keeper" shelf, an honor not bestowed upon many books that cross my path. It was funny and light-hearted, yet it addressed the issues that plague many moms-to-be, especially those that tend to be on the younger side. Even though it's been a while since I've been pregnant (my "baby" is almost 5) I completely related to Clare's struggles along the way, and cheered her on as she attempted to figure everything out.

I can't recommend A Bump in the Road and Not Ready for Mom Jeans highly enough. I adored both books, and they would make the perfect gift for any mom or mom-to-be that you know. In fact, they would be perfect for anyone contemplating motherhood as well. I give this book a wholehearted five out of five and thank the author for kindly sending a copy my way.

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  1. Ha! Sounds fun and relatable to us late-in-life mommies (I'm 35).