Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: "Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many" by Heather Wardell

Madeline-Cora Spencer (better known as MC) has had enough of the dating scene and is looking to settle down and meet someone special. Going against her fiercely private nature, she signs up one drunken night to be on the show Find Your Prince, a reality dating show similar to The Bachelorette. She's surprised and a little excited when she is actually chosen for the show, but is beyond horrified when she finds out that she's been tricked by the producers. Rather than appearing on a show where seven men vie for her affection, she will be appearing on a show that is a combination of Stranded! (Survivor) and Find Your Prince. Making MC's nightmare even more vivid is the fact that she knows the men that she'll be stranded with- each and every one is an ex-boyfriend from her past. With no way to back out without coughing up $250 thousand dollars in penalties, it's off to a remote island that will be home for the next 21 days in an attempt to win the $1 million dollar prize.

The producers of the show have more unpleasant surprises up their sleeves, and by the time the 21 days are up, MC may have had enough surprises for a lifetime!

Reading Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many was more fun than watching reality TV! MC, the main character, was closed-off emotionally in many ways, yet you couldn't help but root for her to find happiness all the way through. The exes were all so different, and that kept things interesting, but they weren't so different that I couldn't imagine MC dating all of them. They all had things about them that were attractive, and they all had drawbacks as well. The whole scenario had a very "real" feel to it, as in I could imagine this show and the cast of characters actually being in existence.

Another aspect that I loved about Seven was that it brought the filming of reality TV to life for me. I've watched Survivor a whole bunch of times, but can honestly say that I've never wondered where they go to the bathroom. Seven addresses a lot of these issues; where people go to the bathroom, for example, or the logistics of signing a contract before you know what you're really in for. It was all really interesting stuff, and added an additional aspect to the book.

My favourite part had to be the love stories unfolding throughout the book. None were overdone, but all were fun. Most of them are secondary to the plot, and appropriately in the background, but my favourite one is between MC and one of her exes (I won't tell you which one, because that would ruin the fun!).

Heather Wardell has written a book that is fast-paced, creative and fun, and it does the women's fiction genre proud. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read that will keep you smiling.

If you would like to find out more about Heather Wardell and her books you can visit her at www.heatherwardell.com. Her book Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo is always free for those who read e-books, and her other books Go Small or Go Home and Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many are both available for download for only $0.99 each. Seven is also now available in paperback format on Amazon. You can also enter to win a copy of Seven on Goodreads or on Heather's blog.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Recommended to: Fans of women's fiction, fans of Canadian authors
Challenges: 2010 100+ Reading Challenge, New Author Challenge 2010, The Canadian Book Challenge 4

Thank-you to Heather Wardell for sending this review copy to me in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Boy, you got that read fast! I had to laugh when you said you wondered where they went to the bathroom, because you sound a lot like me. The book sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I've never watched Survivor or those reality shows but it sounds like a fun read. Maybe I'll give it a try in late summer. Thanks for the review.

    I'm with bermudaonion though.... how fast do you read in a day? Like how many words or pages do you average? Seriously! I wish I could do that much reading! I get too distracted!

  3. LOL @ Mandy: Well, it's the summer now, so I'm reading faster- maybe 4or 5 books in a week? I'm not working right now, so I have an extra couple of hours a day and I read when I take the boys to the beach or the park. When I'm back at work I'll read 2-3 a week. I always tell Jay- for me, reading is like breathing- not optional!!

  4. What a fantastic title! Thanks for the review.