Sunday, April 15, 2018

THE GOOD LIAR by Catherine McKenzie

WOW! This one left me reeling right up to the very last page! The epilogue gave me actual goosebumps! I have ready every book by Catherine McKenzie so far but this one may well be my favourite to date- which is saying a lot!

Franny, Cecily, and Kaitlyn were all impacted by the tragic explosion that happened in Chicago on October 10, but in different ways.

Cecily. She has found herself the unwilling poster woman of the survivors of the tragedy. She lost her husband and her best friend in one fell swoop and has been left to cope alone. She is hiding something, however, and doesn't know when or if it will end up coming out.

Kaitlyn. mother, wife, survivor. She's running, but from what?

Franny. After finally finding her birth mother she is devastated to learn that she has lost her in the tragedy. Will she be able to move on?

The beginning of this book reads a little more like women's fiction than psychological fiction. It's clear from the beginning that all three women have some pretty big secrets to hide, but don't we all feel like we are hiding parts of ourselves from the outside world sometimes? What's really wrong with that at the end of the day? I settled in to this book quite comfortably, caught up in getting to know these three very different women and their tragic circumstances.

As bits and pieces of the secrets that these women are hiding begin to be revealed the book transitions from being women's fiction to psychological fiction. As I was drawn in to the nuances of this book I found myself even more riveted than before, hardly able to wait to find out what happened next. Just as I was convinced that the surprises were over McKenzie threw in a surprising epilogue that left me with my mouth hanging open.

I absolutely loved this book. It was the perfect mix of suspense and fiction. The writing was riveting, the plot intriguing, and the transitions seamless. The psychological fiction genre has exploded in the past year and it is easy for books to get lost among the white noise of all of the new releases. THE GOOD LIAR is one book that should make it in to your TBR pile.

Perfect for fans of both women's fiction and psychological fiction THE GOOD LIAR is a book not to be missed!


  1. Ive got this abd looking firward to reading it.

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