Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BEARTOWN by Fredrik Backman

I fell in love with Fredrik Backman's writing when I first read A MAN CALLED OVE. After reading that book I knew that I had found a new author for my top ten list of my favourite authors. At that time, I truly felt that he wouldn't be able to write another book that I loved as much as that one, but I was wrong. BEARTOWN is powerful and moving, beautiful and genuine and incredibly sad at times. It is a book that made me "feel all the feels'. I couldn't stop bookmarking phrases and pages as I went along, excited to go back to them and reread them a second and then a third time. Backman's writing is truly beautiful, even when the subject matter is not.

BEARTOWN is the story of a small town in Scandinavia, where hockey is king. All of the boys grow up playing hockey, whether they are good at it or not, and all the girls grow up watching their brothers play or wishing that they had boyfriends on the team. Even if you don't like hockey, it's impossible to not be affected by it in some way when you live in Beartown.

Beartown's junior team is about to compete in the national semi-finals, and winning could finally put Beartown on the map. It could bring in a hockey school and more businesses to rescue their ailing town. Everything hinges on Beartown's team bringing home the victory.

One night, a young girl's life is changed forever. But will Beartown's residents do what's right, or will they do what's right for the team?

Despite the fact that I'm not a huge hockey fan (very un-Canadian of me, I know), I was riveted by these pages. This story is about so much more than hockey. It's about small towns, the difference between right and wrong; it's about being brave and standing up for your beliefs and it is about parenting and marriage. I couldn't stop re-reading certain phrases and sections of the book. Backman's writing and thoughts are so profound, and this is one of the rare books that I plan to read over and over again.

I feel that my words can not adequately do this book justice. All I can say is that if you can only read one book this year, read this one. BEARTOWN is sure to top my list of favourites of 2017.


  1. I read one of his books and was not blown away (very much in the minority) but I'd like to try this one.