Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wendy Wax's Cheez Doodle Challenge!


Author known for her Ten Beach Road novels, While We Were Watching Downton Abbey and others asks readers to choose a favorite—Cheez DoodlesÒ or CheetosÒ

Author Wendy Wax has issued a challenge to readers asking them to make a choice, Cheez DoodlesÒ or CheetosÒ, and to vote for their favorite.  The challenge, which began April 7th, has its roots in Wax’s Ten Beach Road novels Ten Beach Road, Ocean Beach, The House on Mermaid Point and her novella Christmas at the Beach, all of which include protagonist Avery Lawford, whose obsession with Cheez Doodles is so well known among fans that they’ve served them at book club meetings and at Wax’s appearances.
“Avery has stood firm through three, soon to be four, novels in her allegiance to, and unbridled enthusiasm for, her personal ambrosia, Cheez Doodles,” says Wax.  “I finally asked myself how do we know she’s right? Are they really the hands down choice? When was the last time she compared Cheez Doodles to other cheesy puffs?   Quite frankly, I’m not certain a Cheeto has ever crossed her lips. I think it’s time to call Avery’s bluff and I’m asking readers to help by voting for their favorite.”
Voters are invited to post photos of themselves with their choice of the two cheesy snacks on social media if they’d like, tagging Wax’s Facebook page and using the hashtag #cheesedoodlechallange to share and connect with her and others enjoying the challenge. In addition to casting their vote, participants are entered for a chance to win one of five advance reading copies of the new Ten Beach Road novel, Sunshine Beach, on sale June 21st.  Voting ends Thursday, 4/21.
Over the years Wendy Wax has entertained readers with a dozen novels celebrating women’s friendship, relationships and triumph over adversity. Among them are her three Ten Beach Road titles with its cast of characters readers return to time and again, A Week at the Lake, While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, The Accidental Bestseller, Magnolia Wednesdays and more. 


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