Friday, January 15, 2016

"Match Me If You Can" by Michele Gorman

Friends Sarah, Catherine and Rachel are living together in London and it's a mystery why they are all still single. Catherine owns her own business with her ex-husband and current friend, Richard. Sarah is a stellar baker, a creative greeting card designer and she's a fantastic sister. Rachel is an architect with fabulous ideas and a desire to find Mr. Right. Catherine convinces her two friends to sign up for her dating company RecycLove, a site where you sign up with your ex so that you can learn more about yourself as a partner before you emerge back into the dating scene, so that they can hopefully find fabulous partners and happiness in love.

Dating in London is definitely more than any of them bargained for. Searching for chemistry and a viable potential partner proves to be a task in and of itself, and the women go on their share of interesting and disastrous dates. However at the heart of this story is the women themselves. We find out why Sarah is so introverted and cautious with her heart, and we discover more about Rachel and the complicated relationship that she has with her ex. Catherine is stuck dealing with her ex-husband's new fiancee and we find ourselves rooting for Catherine to find her own happy ending.

I honestly think that this may be my new favourite novel by Michele Gorman. I have enjoyed her previous books, but Match Me If You Can sucked me in from the very first pages. What I loved the most was the characters. They came alive on the page and despite the fact that they were all so different from one another their chemistry as friends truly worked. The supporting characters contributed to how much fun it was to read this book. I especially enjoyed the scenes involving Sarah's sister and Catherine's ex-husband's new love interest, Magda, They lent their own sparkle and defined style to these pages.

Gorman has brought strong female characters who certainly don't need a man to swoop in and save them to life in these pages, which made me love Match Me If You Can even more. I found myself interested and rooting for these ladies to find whichever happy ending suited them most, and while Gorman stuck within the confines of the chick-lit genre her premise was fresh and interesting. This is the perfect read for a chilly, overcast day and it is sure to bring a smile to your face! My thanks to the publisher for providing me with this novel for review.

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