Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer- My Review!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking to eat healthier. I have a love for foods that are not good for me, and I'm always looking for ways to improve my diet, as well as incorporate more fruits and veggies into my everyday diet. I also like it when I can find recipes that my whole family enjoys. My kids aren't opposed to veggies but the more fun they are, the more that they like them! When Varietyland offered to have me try their Very Healthy Spiral Slicer at a reduced rate, I jumped at the chance. I especially loved that the spiral slicer would be a huge asset when it came to making healthier pasta, which is something that I have been wanting to try for a while.

I ordered the slicer from and it arrived quickly. The box included the slicer, the end cap (for helping to get the most spirals out of your veggie), a wire brush for cleaning and a small recipe book. Varietyland also e-mailed me a 200-page recipe eBook, a getting started guide, as well as a guide to which veggies spiral the best.

I tried the spiralizer right away! I bought some zucchini's from my local farmer's market and tried it out with the smallest of the two julienne sizes (the slicer has two options- 1/16" x 3/32" and 1/8" x 3/16"). I love the ease with which the spiralizer worked. Making the zucchini spirals was effortless! The only thing that did not work well with the zucchini was the end cap. Because zucchini is a softer vegetable, there was nothing for the end cap to grip and I ended up being able to use most of the veggie but not all of it. I found that the end cap worked much better with the sweet potato that I spiraled, however the sweet potato was much harder to julienne in the slicer. Varietyland recommends soaking harder veggies such as potatoes or sweet potatoes ahead of time in order to make them easier to do.

Overall I love this product. There are a few things that don't work perfectly (such as the end cap with a softer veggie) but overall the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer is super easy to use, and an asset to any kitchen. I love the 200-page eBook filled with recipes that I can try. I've made several of them for my family already and they have been a success! I love how easy the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer makes it to add veggies into mine and my family's diet, and I can see that this tool will definitely continue to be well-used in my kitchen! The spiralizer is easy to clean with the included brush and the lifetime money-back guarantee gives you peace-of-mind that you are buying a quality product.

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