Thursday, June 4, 2015

"7 Years Bad Sex" by Nicky Wells

When rock singer Casey and drummer Alex get married on a beautiful yacht surrounded by their closest friends and family, the night is picture perfect. Their maid of honour surprises them with a beautiful display in the sky, the food is great, and the atmosphere breathtaking. There's only one problem- after the wedding Casey and Alex find themselves unable to consummate their marriage. Despite having *ahem* consummated their relationship many times prior to the wedding suddenly they are unable to do the deed, and it's driving them- and everyone around them- crazy.

When they hear about a seven years bad sex curse it sounds bizarre, but as time goes on and the two are unable to make love despite having tried every trick in the book (some less advisable than others) the curse theory starts gaining some ground. Are Casey and Alex doomed forever or can they find a way to break the curse and stay married?

I've read every one of Nicky Wells' books to date, and I think that 7 Years Bad Sex may be my favourite to date! It was playful and fun, and the wacky scenarios just didn't stop! Before reading this book I hadn't imagined there were so many ways that a couple could fail at having sex! Somehow Casey and Alex manage to try- and fail- at having sex over and over again. As their frustration mounts they resort to trying increasingly risky things in order to successfully do the deed and when none of them work they are left wondering if they can stay married. After all, what's marriage without sex? This is an interesting question for us, as readers, to ponder. Casey and Alex are very happy together prior to their marriage, and even in the beginning of their marriage despite the first few failed attempts at having sex. However as time wears on they find themselves increasingly frustrated and disappointed with one another, raising the question can you be happy in a relationship without sex?

I loved the character development in 7 Years Bad Sex. Nicky has created characters that I wanted to read about, and that I liked very much. Casey was my favourite, as I felt like I could relate to her the most, but I liked Alex as well, and I liked all of the supporting characters. My affection for the couple and their friends only made me feel worse for them as time went on and their frustration levels increased!

Fun and romantic, with a touch of rock and roll, 7 Years Bad Sex is a lighthearted look at what happens to one newlywed couple when they are unable to consummate their marriage - I couldn't put it down! I will be recommending this one to anyone looking for a laugh-out-loud read, and I thank the author for providing me with a review copy.


  1. Aww Jonita, thank you so very much for your fabulous review. I'm quite bowled over that you enjoyed the story so much. :-) Ah yes, the frustration, I felt it too while I was writing, believe me... Hope your readers enjoy finding about this latest romantic comedy of mine. XX
    Thanks as always for all your support and keep on rocking!