Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Salon!

I have been off work for 12 wonderful days now! I enjoy my job most days (as much as you can enjoy your job, I guess!) but I work six days a week most weeks and my commute is roughly 45 minutes each way, so that eats up a lot of my free time! Over the holidays I have had time to catch up on my blogging. I've written a few posts and scheduled a few more and the one thing that I realized is how much I miss blogging and the blogging community. Since blogging is a "luxury" it usually gets prioritized somewhere behind the kids and work and housework and the gym. All of those things are important too, but somewhere along the line I find that I have given up blogging and I really miss it.

While I have personal goals for myself for 2015 I didn't make any actual resolutions this year. Basically I plan to continue to work on the things that are still in progress from 2014. One thing that I have added to my list, though, is to start blogging more, or if time doesn't allow for that I hope to keep up with all of your blogs! There's nothing quite like the blogging community! I'd also like to start doing a weekly Sunday post. I always enjoy reading everyone else's so I thought that I would add mine into the mix! While I'm not promising myself that I'll have time to do a weekly one, I do think that I would like to make them a more regular addition to The Book Chick Blog!

My youngest son turned 8 this week (Happy Birthday Jarek!). It is so funny to think that my baby is already eight! It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn! We celebrated by taking the day off of work and going to see Penguins of Madagascar in 3D in the theatres. We all loved it (even the husband!) and we stuffed ourselves with popcorn during the movie and with pizza and cake afterwards! We also visited Toys R' Us on the way home so that the birthday boy could spend his birthday money!

My goal was to catch up on my book reviews over the holidays, and while I did do quite a few, I didn't get completely caught up. Apparently I can read faster than I can review and I have five titles left to go! I will continue to try to get caught up in the coming weeks. One of my goals for 2015 is to have less of a lag in between the time when I read a book and when I review it. I did post two reviews though, one for Kristen Harmel's The Life Intended, which I enjoyed very much, and one for Jane Green's Saving Grace, which I also completely loved. I also posted a list of my favourite books of 2014.

I also finished reading three books over the holidays, which is a rarity for me! These days I'm lucky to finish one a week. It was bliss to have the time to sit down and relax with a good book! I finished Milked by Lisa Doyle, Marriage to Measure by Talli Roland, and The Work Boyfriend by Deanna McFadden, all of which will be reviewed in the coming weeks. I'm not quite sure what I'll read next but I have too many to count on my eReader ready to go!

There were two additions to my TBR pile this week, both of which I'm very excited to read. I received eCopies of Things You Won't Say by Sarah Pekkanen and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl by Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo. I also joined a book challenge for 2015 (I didn't join any in 2014 but this one looks easy enough!), the 50 Book Pledge hosted by HarperCollins!

Have a great week and happy reading!


  1. I can relate to the having to go back to work tomorrow after an extended vacation...ugh, even if my commute is only 10 min each way. You did great reading and reviewing while off, as I was not as successful.

    Happy belated birthday to your son.

  2. I have been working throughout but since its our own business I can pace myself but work in the domestic field has dominated. I am on a huge declutter spree and still doing box by box.