Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: "Weightless" by Michele Gorman

Annabel isn't quite sure why she even decided to go to her high school reunion in the first place. Formerly a fat, spotty teen, no one will likely recognize or care about reuniting with the girl that they tortured back in high school.

When Jack, the guy that she had a crush on throughout high school, says hello, Annabel is floored. However she realizes why he bothered to say hello when she realizes that he has mistaken her for Christy Blake, his ex-girlfriend and her chief tormentor throughout high school. Caught up in the moment initially, Annabel finds herself falling for Jack over the next few weeks but is faced with the problem that he still thinks that she's Christy. Will she be able to tell him the truth without losing him for good?

I am definitely a fan of Michele Gorman's books. I have yet to read one that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed! This short story was the perfect bite of romantic fiction. I read it in one sitting, thoroughly enjoyed it, and was left wishing that her next book (The Curvy Girls Club, out in March 2014) was out already!

I especially appreciated that Gorman touched on the idea of teenage bullying and how it can continue to affect people long after the bullying has stopped. Having been bullied myself as a child I could really relate to Annabel's feelings on the subject.

Any fan of women's fiction should be buying a copy of Weightless! This short and sweet story is the perfect remedy for the winter blues!

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