Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: "Legally Wed" by Ciara O'Neill

When Mia Lombard discovers that, due to a UK work permit snafu, her boss is going to have to return home to the US immediately and many people at her work are going to lose their jobs, she decides to take one for the team. She agrees to marry Max Dylan for a period of three years so that he can stay in the UK and they can keep their client happy. Mia is married to her job anyways, so she has no romantic prospects on the horizon at the moment, and it doesn't hurt that she has been harbouring a small crush on Max for quite some time.

Max and Mia quickly marry, much to the pleasure of both sets of parents, who are not in on the real reason for their hasty marriage. Because it has to look good if they are investigated Max moves into Mia's home, an older home that Mia is lovingly restoring herself in her rare free time. Once Max moves in Mia finds to her surprise that he seems to return the feelings that she has for him. Suddenly she is faced with a big decision- should she give in to those feelings and risk things not working out or should she safeguard her heart and the future of her company and stay as far away from Max as possible?

Legally Wed was a fun, light read with a lot of spicy romantic scenes and a predictable yet enjoyable plot. I loved the characters of both Max and Mia. They were both very likeable and I enjoyed watching their romance develop over time. The supporting characters were wonderful as well and they were a welcome addition. I liked the fact that Mia remained a strong character throughout the book. She maintains her work ethic as well as her morals even as her situation changes and I respected that.

I did find that the story moved a little slowly at times. I was enjoying it but wanted more, perhaps more about the renovations or about their families. I'll also mention that there were a lot of sex scenes, so if that's something that you don't enjoy you may want to be aware of that ahead of time.

Overall Legally Wed was a pleasant read, great for reading on the beach or when you're looking for something light and sweet. My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for review.


  1. That sounds cute! I need a silly story like that from time to time.

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