Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: "Kismetology" by Jaimie Admans

“Finding the perfect man isn't easy. Especially when it's for your mother...

Mothers. Can't live with them, can't live without them, can't live three doors down the road without them interfering in every aspect of your life.

Mackenzie Atkinson's mother has meddled in her love life once too often and something has to be done. Mackenzie decides to turn the tables and find love for her lonely mother.
Her lonely and very fussy mother.
Surely finding an older gentleman looking for love won't be that hard, right?
If you've ever thought that boys grow up, here's the problem: They don't. Ever.
And Mackenzie is about to learn that the hard way.

Faced with a useless boyfriend, dressed up dogs, men who wear welly boots on dates, men who shouldn't be seen outside in daylight, and men who make reptiles seem like attractive company - will she ever find the perfect man for her neurotic mother?”

Mackenzie Atkinson has recently moved in with her chef boyfriend and she doesn't appreciate the fact that they rarely get uninterrupted time together. It seems like when Dan has a rare night off her mother can sense that and she arrives uninvited to watch TV with them. If she's not arriving unexpectedly something else always seems to happen that lands her on their doorstep. Mackenzie has had enough and decides that the solution is simple- she will find her mom a man.

Thus begins Mackenzie's journey to find someone suitable for her incredibly picky mother. It doesn't help matters that a majority of the men that she finds are far more suited for nobody at all. Just as Mackenzie begins to give up hope she happens upon a coincidental connection that may get her mother out of her hair once and for all!

Kismetology was a quick, cute read. I enjoyed the plot very much and I appreciated the humour scattered throughout the book. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Mackenzie meets potential dates for her mother. Author Admans creates quite a few amusing men and I enjoyed these moments the most.

I also enjoyed Mackenzie's journey towards doing something that she truly enjoys with her life. I'm sure that we can all relate to being stuck in a rut, job-wise, from time to time and it was great to follow her on her path towards career happiness.

If I had one complaint about Kismetology it would be that some of the characters' particular traits seemed overly exaggerated to me. For example, boyfriend Dan was quite clearly an ass from the beginning. There was very little that endeared me to him. Mackenzie's mother was also very difficult to become attached to. I would have liked to have seen a little more balance in those characters.

Overall Kismetology is an easy book to both read and enjoy. Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud while others had me gasping in astonishment and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a fun vacation read. My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for review.


  1. I totally agree with the character traits! I just didn't care about the boyfriend or mom. It was hard to want to read about them. Good review!

  2. Cute cover. I didn't have that one on the version I got through Kindle. I enjoyed the book too. I still have to review it, but I'm glad to know you liked it, as well. Great minds think alike! :)