Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review:"Beginning Again" by Sarah Pekkanen

As much as she loves her little sister, Corrine Brown finds her wedding weekend a bit difficult. Recently separated and currently divorcing, it's hard for Corrine to believe in happily-ever-after as she watches her sister marry the man of her dreams.

Corrine knows that she can't cling to her old life and her ex-husband forever so after the wedding she begins hunting for somewhere that she can start fresh. As she searches for apartments she finds the beginning of the next chapter in her life where she least expects it.

I adore Sarah Pekkanen and I have yet to be disappointed in her writing. She writes engaging stories and I always feel the need to jump into her books and become friends with her characters! I loved the plot of Beginning Again and I truly don't have a complaint about anything except for one thing: it was too short for me. This one was longer than her first two, which is definitely an improvement, but I guess that I still wanted more. Canadians have to pay $1.99 instead of the $0.99 that Americans have to pay and with so many excellent self-published authors out there offering their full-length stories for that price or only a little more, I guess that I just wanted a bit more for my money. That being said I will continue to buy Sarah's short stories as soon as they come out!