Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: "Aefle and Gisela" by Libby Malin

Medieval History professor Tom returns to his hometown to attend the wedding of his cousin but he ends up getting more than he bargained for. After attending an alcohol-fueled bachelor party he remembers that he agreed to stop his cousin's wedding on a dare. Hoping to get rid of his childhood nickname, "Timid Tommy", Tom actually goes through with the dare, but realizes too late that he's stopping the wrong wedding.

DeeDee McGowan is surprised when someone at her wedding voices their disapproval of her pending union. She is even more surprised when she sees that the person stopping her wedding is none other than Tom Charlemange, someone that she dated briefly more than ten years ago. Having been having second thoughts about her wedding for some time now DeeDee eagerly flees the altar- and she takes Tom with her.

Despite the fact that the whole situation is really just a big mix-up, Tom and DeeDee find sparks flying between them once again. The fact that their personalities are completely opposite doesn't seem to phase them, but the fact that DeeDee's jilted groom is suing both of them certainly does. Tom is concerned about how his new legal issues will affect his quest for tenure, and DeeDee is focused on saving her failing car dealership, the legacy that she received from her late father. Will opposites really attract in this case, or will the barriers be too great for Tom and DeeDee to cross on their way to happily ever after?

Aefle and Gisela is a sweet and sassy romantic comedy. Libby Malin delivers again and again as an innocent dare ends up turning into a small-town debacle. Malin's comedic timing is spot-on throughout the book, as is her character development. You can't help but feel for the bumbling Tom, who simply intended to shed himself of his nickname and carry on his way, and instead ends up with a runaway bride on his arm. I enjoyed his transformation from someone who is lost in his own world and quite content to stay there to someone who is able to speak his own mind. DeeDee is something else. She's a strong female character determined to save the business that she loves and I appreciated that she did not take a backseat to Tom in the book. She was brash, but there was something inherently lovable about her.

At only $0.99 for both Kindle and other platforms, Aefle and Gisela is a steal. Sweet, funny, interesting and satirical this book is sure to keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy for review.