Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" by Claudia Carroll

Annie and Dan were the perfect couple. Young and in love, it was always expected that the two would end up married and would live happily ever after. Fast-forward several years and Annie and Dan feel more like roommates than husband and wife. Having moved to the tiny village of Stickens right after they got married so that Dan could run his successful veterinary practice, Annie works a job that she hates and has to deal with a critical mother-in-law and a "friend" who is more like an enemy. Annie, an actress by trade, is thrilled when she learns that she has landed a role in a Broadway musical, but is less excited when she learns that it will take her away from her home and her husband for a full year as she relocates to New York City.

Does Annie and Dan's marriage have what it takes to survive a year apart, or will the end of the year find them more distant than ever?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? is an absolutely delicious piece of British chick lit. I loved the plot, especially because it focused on the trials that real marriages between people who truly love one another go through. I love examinations of both marriage and motherhood when reading women's fiction and although there were no children involved in this book, the examination of marriage was both interesting and realistic.

Claudia Carroll writes with a skilled hand. I tend to favour British chick lit over all of the other chick lit that I read. I've loved the genre since I picked up my first Jill Mansell and I've been hooked ever since. Having devoured Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? I have found a new favourite author in Claudia Carroll. I found the book to be witty and interesting, and I took away something about the nature of relationships when I finished it.

I can highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a book that is fun yet has a substantial and interesting plot. My thanks to HarperCollins UK for providing me with this review copy!

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