Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: "The First Husband" by Laura Dave

Annie Adams is quite content with the way that her life is going. A travel columnist who gets to visit interesting places on a regular basis, with a steady live-in boyfriend, Nick, in Los Angeles, she can’t imagine needing anything more. However when Nick comes home from a meeting with his therapist and he announces that he is going to take a break from their relationship so that he can pursue a relationship with someone from his past, Annie is floored. Shaken, she visits her regular neighbourhood bar in search of solace and finds Griffin instead, a handsome, comforting chef. After a whirlwind courtship Annie finds herself married and living in rural Massachusetts with her new husband where she knows almost no one and is not exactly welcomed.

The First Husband is a reflection of love and the places that it takes us. Annie didn’t realize how stagnant her relationship with boyfriend Nick had become until the rug was yanked out from under her feet, and he announces that he is taking a break from them. His dismissal forces Annie to re-evaluate her life and the choices that she has made, and she sees that perhaps her choices were not contributing to her overall happiness. She makes this extreme leap, from a creature of habit to someone entirely unpredictable, and she marries Griffin and moves with him to his hometown in Massachusetts so that he can pursue his lifelong dream of owning his own restaurant. Annie discovers that perhaps her move was a little too hasty, and finds herself struggling to find some balance between her old life and her new one.

I couldn’t help but root for the sweet yet strong-willed Annie as she struggles to find a place in her new marriage and in her new life. Laura Dave has written a poignant story about love and the choices that we make in our pursuit of happiness, and the ending will leave you smiling. The First Husband is the perfect selection to slip into your beach bag this summer, especially if you are looking for a book that explores the many sides of love.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Challenges: 2011 100+ Reading Challenge


  1. The story sounds so well written.

  2. This is my next book to read so I skipped to your rating - 5/5!! I can't wait to read it!

  3. i've been told how good this is and now you have officially sold me on it!

  4. Amazing how she could go from a stagnant long-term relationship to a marriage -- but I could see how that might happen! Sounds like a good read.