Friday, January 7, 2011

The Post in Which I Eat My Words

An embarassingly short time ago I ranted against eReaders in general, stating that it was highly unlikely that I would ever own one of the devices. And if I did, it wouldn't be for a long time. Well, I'm eating my words now. After some serious comparison shopping, my husband picked me out an eReader for Christmas. He got me the Sony Reader, Pocket Edition (5" screen) and I absolutely love it.

First and foremost, I love how user friendly the Sony is. It's a touch screen, allowing me to navigate easily between books or functions. I can read eBooks on it, I can listen to music or audiobooks, and I can store my own pictures to use as screensavers. I can take notes with the stylus in my own handwriting, or I can highlight passages to be referred to later. I especially love that I can look up any unfamiliar words by double tapping them, and I can choose from several dictionaries.

The Sony allows the reader to go into "sleep" mode when not in use with the simple flick of a switch at the top. So if I'm reading a book on it and need to go and do something else, I put it to "sleep" and wake it up by sliding the same button. I don't have to reload anything, and it goes right to the page that I was at. The battery stays charged for about 7,500 continuous page turns (approximately 2 weeks), and the unit stores about 1,200 books.

I find the screen and its eInk technology easy on my eyes, and this weekend hubby is going to buy me a case with a light for when I want to read in dim light (they were out of stock at Christmas). I also love that the text size is adjustable and that the Reader remembers which text size you prefer for which book.

My favourite feature? The Sony reads both PDF files (great for review copies) and ePub formats, as well as several additional formats. I've already taken advantage of my library's e-lending program to borrow an eBook. I don't have to drive there to pick up a book, and when I'm done it returns itself- no late fees! I've also been using NetGalley and have loaded my Reader with some exciting titles! Books in seconds: a great way to feed my addiction.

There are a few drawbacks to it, the main one being that I can't bring it into the bathtub with me, which is my favourite place to read. I also have to be careful when reading outside in inclement weather, which happens. It's also far more fragile than a paperback (although the construction is impressive) and I'm a little afraid of breaking my new toy. And of course, it's not possible to lend a friend a book with the Sony yet.

Overall, the Sony Reader is a great addition to my library. Do I think that I will ever give up hard copies? No, definitely not. I'll still continue to add to my physical library through bookstore and used bookstore purchases, as well as those enticing review copies. But as an additional way to read and review books? I'm hooked. And now, I will officially eat my words.


  1. This is soooo ironic. I raved about my eReader (Kindle) and after a year, I find myself guiltily sneaking purchases of books in print. It turns out I miss the touchy feely, page-between-my-fingers sensation involved in reading. Oh, I'll still use my Kindle, but a "real" book will never lose its place in my heart.

  2. Jonita congrats on coming to the dark side LOL. I know I was exactly like you and saying nope not getting one but honestly I am liking it especially with netgalley books.

    Plus it will be great to travel with in my opinion.

    I am still a physical book person and could never give that up. Enjoy your new toy.

  3. Congrats Jonita! eReaders do have a place and borrowing from the library is definitely one place that an eReader comes in handy! And like Cindy said above, Netgalley books are great and you need an eReader to grab them.

    I still enjoy my "paper" books and wouldn't go just digital, but it's nice to have a choice, especially for books that you may not want to make a permanent home for.

    Enjoy the Sony! It's just so cute too! :-)

  4. My husband gave me a Kobo in the fall and I love it ... and I take it in the bath with me. I still read books since not everything is available as an epub.

  5. It's so interesting to hear all of your opinions about eReading! I agree- eBooks will never replace print books for me, but as an addition to my reading options? It's fantastic. As Suzanne put so well, it's great for books that you may not want to make a permament home for. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

  6. You lucky girl.. what a lovely present.

    I am still in the paperback world. My partner did suggest he buy me one this year...but I am still not sure about them. I would like to wait until the tech is better.
    I see lots of reviews with buts in them.
    I would like to see backlighting as I read late in the evening in bed.
    Kindles have a lovely price tag but wouldnt want to be tied to one supplier for ebooks.

    I do love the idea of not having to go back and forth to the library

    I am hoping the tech will attract me next xmas.
    enjoy ur lovely new present


  7. I'm with you, girl! When I saw the wrapped present from my husband under the tree, I actually thought, "Ugh, I hope that's not an e-reader." It was an iPad but I spend most of the time on it reading - I love it. But, like you, won't be giving up print books - I like my stacks!

  8. Great post. I've been ogling a Sony Touch, but I'm still unsure about it. You sound pretty convincing, though, and your post might have pushed me over to the 'dark side'. I might have to do a little more ogling before taking the plunge.

  9. Carol- I agree with you about wanting to read at night in bed. Hubby and I are going out to buy a case with a built-in light (LED) today, so that I can read in dim light, etc. That way it's not hard on my eyes, but I can still read when it's darker out!

    Just Mom- Glad to hear that you like your iPad! I love that there are so many options out there for eReading these days.

    Marie-Ogle away! I'm pleasantly surprised about how much I love my Sony. I thought that it would be a love/hate relationship, but I really do love it (except for when I want to read in the tub, then I take a magazine!)

  10. We have an e-reader that we use but will have to give back to my husband's work someday. I like reading on it, but I have to admit that I haven't done very much reading on it. I think if it was ours permanently I would incorporate it into my reading habits more.

    I wish there was a waterproof reader to take into the bath. I would pay extra for that. :)

  11. Alyce: I would pay so much money for a waterproof reader. That is the biggest drawback for me about readers in general!

  12. ENJOY! It's okay to "eat your words now and then" LOL

  13. I'm with Diane; at least the words have no calories :)

    Enjoy your new reader. I find it fascinating that you love it so much, after vowing not to get one -- it makes me wonder if I would have a similar reaction as I have been so opposed to one.

  14. I too said "never" but I am the proud owner of very much loved Nook! I too got it for Christmas. I still love paper books but being able to buy a book in the middle of the night in my jammies is kind of fun.