Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Canadian Library Month!

When I went into my local library this afternoon to pick up a book that I had reserved (Room by Emma Donoghue), I was given a re-usable black and red library tote and a ballot to enter a draw to win a Kobo e-Reader. October is Canadian library month, and October 17-23 is Ontario Public Library Week, and my library is celebrating!

Allow me to join in the celebration by adding my thank-you to my local library. They order tons of interesting and current titles, they offer free Internet, free computer games for the youngsters, story time, a summer reading program, and of course, tons and tons of free books! In the four years that I've lived here, the library has provided my boys and I with countless hours of reading entertainment. If I have a free afternoon, the boys and I go and visit for an hour. The boys play in their fantastic children's reading room and I catch up with a magazine or a good book. This year I've only read 25 library titles, but with at a conservative estimate of $20 a book, they've saved me $500 this year alone, not counting all of the children and YA titles that we've borrowed.

So, thank-you, Norfolk Public Library. Your friendly staff make the library a pleasure to visit, and I'll never get sick of wiling away an hour or two there!


  1. This past weekend our library held a breakfast for Library Month. I know I entered to win an iPod so fingers crossed for me. Fingers crossed for you as well. I don't think they were giving out anything special here which is too bad.

  2. Cheers for our public library systems.

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