Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: "Bold Face Names" by Shinan Govani

Ravi is a Toronto-based gossip columnist and apparently he's a keeper of secrets. Big secrets. He's keeping one about himself, and when a mysterious man corners him at a party and insists on employing him for a "special job" he becomes the keeper of someone else's secret. Although up until this point Ravi has only been a gossip columnist with an in to the biggest and brightest parties, book launches, and art shows, Mr. Darcy offers him a substantial sum of money to teach a D-List starlet how to behave like someone on the A-List. Ravi can't refuse the money, and although this isn't something that he's done before, he takes on the job.

Enter Leeza (with a zed) Pellegrino, a sassy yet smart starlet with a secret that will launch her directly to the A-List. Leeza is nothing like Ravi expected and after he takes her under his wing, the two jet-set to the hottest parties and launches all over the world and Ravi tries to teach her everything that he knows. Once he's sure that she's ready, he prepares her to do the thing that will change her life forever.

Sounds mysterious, huh? I'm not giving too much of the plot of Bold Face Names away, because this fun, light read is worth picking up for yourself. Reading it was akin to gossiping with a friend (albeit a well-connected friend) over lunch in the latest hot-spot. The celebrity references were intriguing, and for a gossip-hound such as myself it made reading this book all the more fun. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves the world of celebrity (Govani is a gossip columnist for the National Post so he divulges what it's really like to be one), or for anyone just looking for a (fictional) scandal fix. You'll never look at celebrities (or read gossip columns) the same way again!

Thanks to Harper Collins Canada for this review copy. You can read all about Shinan Govani's real-life book launch party here.

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