Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I Love You, Beth Cooper" Larry Doyle

From former Simpson's writer Larry Doyle comes an absolutely hilarious, rolling around on the floor laughing, comedic novel about one night in the life of geeky Denis Cooverman. Denis is the class valedictorian and on graduation day, as he delivers his speech to 512 graduates, he veers from the speech he's been rehearsing with his mother and says "I Love You, Beth Cooper." Beth Cooper is the girl that he's lusted after throughout high school. He's sat behind her in many classes, he knows that she will borrow a pencil and politely return it, but other than that, he doesn't know a lot about her. Beth, on the other hand, is Head Cheerleader, a popular girl with a following, and she knows absolutely nothing about Denis Cooverman, other than the fact that one time he answered a question on the blackboard, turned around, and his fly was open revealing star-patterned underwear.

What follows after this confession is a series of events leading to the most memorable night in Denis Cooverman's entire high school career. Denis finds out that Beth has a big, scary boyfriend named Kevin who is in the Army and who is not impressed with Denis' public confession of love for his girlfriend. Kevin wants to kill Denis. Denis also finds out that Beth is not the person who he has idolized her to be for all of those years, but somehow she's better, because she's real.

Not only is this book well-written, it's hilarious. Like seriously funny. I laughed out loud many times while reading it and Jay kept looking over trying to figure out what in the heck was so funny. In what other book could you get away with writing the words "She smelled like masturbation"? The illustrations in my copy were funny as well, chronicling the progression of Denis' many injuries throughout the night. Reminiscient of all of those teen sex movies, only so much funnier, "I Love You Beth Cooper" is a must-read for anyone who's sick of the winter and ready for a belly laugh. Visit for more fun.

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