Friday, April 18, 2008

Oreo Cakesters

Have you tried Oreo Cakesters yet? As a BzzAgent (someone who has the opportunity to try products in exchange for creating honest Bzz about said product) I had a chance to try them myself! Essentially, Oreo Cakesters are a soft and chewy snack cake made in the image of the classic Oreo. It's Oreo cream (either chocolate or vanilla) sandwiched between two yummy chocolate snack cakes.

My family has really enjoyed them. I'm trying (valiantly!) to watch my weight, so I don't eat them (or anything else delicious! Hahaha!) that often, but my kids love them. Ethan (8) loves them as a treat in his lunch and Holden (2) and Jarek (1) love it when I bring them on the school bus with me so that they can have a treat after I'm done my afternoon bus run. What I love about them is that they come in a convenient size (a 2 pack) that's small enough to throw in my purse and take with me anywhere. I'm not above bribing my kids while running errands, so I've been known to whip them out of my purse when the kids are having a particularily cranky afternoon and I need to get some errands out of the way before I can head home. Having Oreo Cakesters on hand buys me enough time to do what I have to do and get out of there! At under $3.50 a box, they are an affordable and handy little treat for both grownups and kiddos alike!

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