Friday, March 7, 2008

"gods behaving badly" by Marie Phillips

I've had this on "hold" from my local library ever since its status was "on order" and I was very excited when it finally came in and I got to read it! I had read some very positive reviews, and the premise sounded interesting and different from most of the fiction out there (ancient Greek gods live among us, mortals no longer believe in them, bored gods get themselves into lots of interesting situations). I wasn't disappointed. This novel was quirky and charming, funny and believable. Hidden among the lighthearted storyline was some food for thought. Whatever happened to those Greek gods? What would they be like if they lived here, in a modern-day setting? Marie Phillip's answers to these questions were satisfying and delicious. I would love to see a follow-up to this book, I want to know more about what these feisty gods get up to!

This book reminded me of Christopher Moore's novel "A Dirty Job". Moore's novel deals with a similar situation: what happens if you discover that something you previously thought was purely fictional (Greek gods in this novel, the Grim Reaper in Moore's novel) is actually very real and living among you? How do you handle this abrupt shift in reality? Well, I had fun finding out with the author of "gods behaving badly". A must read for any fan of genuinely humorous fiction (and if you like this one, and you will, I would also recommend reading Christopher Moore's novel-it was excellent as well).

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