Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Dan in Real Life"

Well, it was my turn to pick the movie last weekend (I favour comedies, DH favours thrillers/horrors), and I chose to rent "Dan in Real Life". I thought that I would enjoy it because I've enjoyed Steve Carrel's other work (I am devoted to "The Office", I loved "40 Year-Old Virgin", and I even liked "Evan Almighty"). However, if you're thinking of renting this one, don't walk, run in the opposite direction. It was that bad.

First of all, it wasn't funny. I was thinking that it might be, but it wasn't- not even a little. Secondly, it was cheesy. I mean, really cheesy. How many families do you know that rise early in the morning so that they can perform group exercises in their backyard? And smile about it? Um.....nobody I know (or want to know!) Who has a family talent show in their living room? I'd hope not too many. Third, even if you could get past the cheese factor, the dialogue was awkward. I almost couldn't stand to watch certain scenes. The cheesy/awkward combo was too much for me (the last time you and your boyfriend worked out together, did the two of you perform awkward-looking sexual poses/stretches afterwards???? In front of people??)

It ended up all being a bit too much for me. I didn't enjoy it, only watched it all the way through because I paid good money to rent it, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. At all. Please don't waste your cash on this one- you'll be disappointed.

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