Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Review: "In a Holidaze" by Christina Lauren


4 stars out of 5

I'll admit that this isn't my usual type of read, however as we head for the holidays I crave lighter, sweeter stories to read, especially as I try to manage the busyness of the season. There are a few holiday classics that I like to read every year, but when I reached out to a book group that I belong to to find a few more festive recommendations, they all recommended this one to me.

This is a light, fun and festive read about two people who have been friends forever finding love with one another. The addition of, well, time-travel is thrown in there for good measure as our main character Maelyn manages to screw Christmas up royally her first time around. As she becomes more and more frustrated trying to find which decisions are the "right" ones to make in order NOT to have to repeat the holiday again, she messes up time and time again. Maelyn eventually comes to the conclusion that life IS messy and that she needs to embrace it in all of its messy glory if she is going to find true satisfaction in her day to day.

Cute, light, yet thought-provoking at the same time, "In a Holidaze" is the gift that keeps on giving! With a fun plot, loads of characters that I came to like, and a sizzling hot romance, I'm sure that I will be re-reading this one in 2021.


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