Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Sunday Post

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I'm cheating a little this week- I'm writing my post on Saturday night instead of Sunday! I had a long week at work this week, despite Monday being a holiday, and since when I got home from work today is was snowing considerably the hubby and I decided to stay in tonight and relax a little. I'm relieved! Sometimes it's nice to not have anywhere to go! The winter weather is definitely taking its toll on me. It has been very cold this week (our high yesterday was -15 degrees C!) and the bitter cold is making me long for bright summer days and for reading books on the beach! I know that if I'm patient the good weather will come eventually but I want to stamp my foot on the floor like a small child having a temper tantrum and demand warmer weather now! While we are spending tonight at home as a family tomorrow will be a busy day. My youngest has a birthday party to go to and my husband plays music with his dad on Sundays so I drive him there and usually have a visit with my mother-in-law!

This past week I finished reading Sarah Pekkanen's upcoming novel Things You Won't Say. It reflected on two of my favourite topics, marriage and motherhood, and is a worthy read! I am currently devouring It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell. This book is resonating with me in such a personal way that I just can't put it down! I plan to review it later this week.

A few new books made their way into my inbox this week. I can't wait to read The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. They are my favourite writing duo and I have not been disappointed by one of their books yet! I also added You'll Be Thinking of Me by Denise Webb, Save Me by Kristyn Kusek Lewis (love the cover!), and Two For the Heart by Etka R. Garg to my TBR pile!

I reviewed two books this week- Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting (LOVED it!) and New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick (if you haven't already, enter my giveaway!!).

This past week I have been focusing on my fitness as well as on reading! I am trying very hard to shed some excess pounds that continue to haunt me and I asked the hubby for a FitBit Charge for Valentines Day! He kindly obliged and we chose one in Slate Blue. I have been wearing it religiously for a week now and have been fascinated by the breakdown of my daily activities. The FitBit tracks my sleep patterns as well as my steps per day, stairs climbed, calories burned and miles walked. I have been meeting my goal of 10, 000 steps per day every day so far (I work in manufacturing and I walk a lot in one day! Some days are recording over 20, 000 steps!) but this week I plan to start tracking my food intake. Tracking all of the food I eat is a pain in the butt (I've attempted it before) but I think that it is essential in finding out why I can't shed these pounds despite daily visits to the gym and fairly healthy eating. I am also not going to eat chocolate for 30 days! My oldest son (15) is such a sweetheart that he has decided to forgo chocolate along with me despite the fact that he is as skinny as a rail!

I hope that you have a great Sunday and a great week next week!


  1. LOL, wouldn't it be great if we could have temper tantrums and stomp our feet. I think it might be fun just to see my hubby's reaction if I did it. :snort: I look forward to your review of Things You Won't Say.It is not cheating to write the post up early or to post on Saturday, a lot of peeps do. I start my next Sunday Post every Sunday and add to it all week.

    1. That's a great idea! I may have to start doing that so I don't forget anything!!

  2. I've read two of your books - the Pekkanen one and the Status of All Things. Both very good.

    1. I enjoyed "Things You Don't Say" and I can't wait for "The Status of All Things"! I'm such a fangirl of Liz and Lisa and their fantastic books!!