Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: "Marriage To Measure" by Talli Roland

When Serenity Holland proposes to long-time boyfriend Jeremy she's envisioning a small, intimate ceremony that reflects their taste. What she's not expecting is a demanding mother-in-law and an out-of-control, over-the-top ceremony that is nothing at all like they had in mind. That's what she gets, though. From the mother-in-law determined to micromanage every detail, to the fact that Serenity has two hideous dresses to wear on the big day, to the cringe-worthy antique engagement ring, this wedding is nothing at all like Serenity and Jeremy wanted but Serenity has no clue how to fix things without hurting feelings and straining relations.

Add to that a house renovation that is not going according to plan and Jeremy's ex-girlfriend reemerging on the scene and Serenity suddenly wonders if "forever" is the right fit for them after all. Can Serenity fix things before the big day or will their marriage be over before it even begins?

A long-time fan of Talli Roland, I can't wait to read her latest releases as soon as they come out! Build a Man, the first book in the Serenity Holland series, is still my favourite book of Talli's to date, so I was quite excited to read Marriage to Measure, the third book in the series (Construct a Couple is the second book). Serenity Holland is back in all of her flawed glory. I love that throughout the series she has remained true to herself. She reminds me of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series but without the serious spending problem. What I liked about Serenity in this book is that one of the reasons that she allows her wedding plans to detour so far from where she wanted them to be is because she is trying not to hurt her future mother-in-law's feelings as well as those of one of her best friends. Serenity remains thoughtful towards others despite the chaos of the situations!

I definitely wish that the book was a little longer, though. I devoured it in one day because I enjoyed it so much and I am hoping that there will be a fourth in the series! I just have not had enough of Serenity's story yet!

Compulsively readable, upbeat and fun, Marriage to Measure is a must-read for any fan of light-hearted, well-written chick lit. For less than $5 total you can treat yourself to the entire Serenity Holland series and I absolutely recommend that you do! They are equally perfect for curling up with on a snowy afternoon or for taking along to the beach and Talli's writing just keeps getting better and better! My thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy of this book!

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