Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: "Falling Together" by Marisa de los Santos

I've been waiting more than two years for this book. A little more than two years ago I received an advanced copy of Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos, devoured it, and fell in love. As soon as I finished that one I tracked down a copy of her first novel, Love Walked In and I loved that one too. I've been waiting for her next release since then and was thrilled when I managed to get my hands on a review copy of it.

Falling Together tells the story of three friends from college, Pen, Will and Cat. While they were inseparable throughout their college years they went their own way soon after graduation when circumstances came between them. Pen is now the single mother to a beautiful little girl, and when she receives a mysterious e-mail from Cat asking her to meet her at their college reunion, Pen feels the pull of their former friendship impossible to ignore. Instead of reconciling with her old friend, Pen meets up with her other old friend, Will, at the reunion and the two are presented with information that brings their past and their present colliding together and sends them, along with Pen's daughter and Cat's husband, halfway across the world in search of answers.

To put it quite simply, I adored this book. The characters truly came to life on the page. I loved Pen and Will and Pen's daughter Augusta, and I even grew to appreciate Cat, who remains elusive throughout the book. De los Santos' skill with the written word shines through on every page and I just could not stop turning them.

Covering a variety of themes such as the definition of family and how friendships change and grow over time, Falling Together is a book not to be missed and one that I have added to my permanent book collection. I can highly recommend it and I thank HarperCollins Publishers for this review copy.

Rating: Easily 5 stars out of 5. I'd give 6 out of 5 if I could!


  1. So glad to read a rave review. I've seen a few that have been 3/5stars and I was starting to wonder. I enjoyed the author's first book and have the second book on the TBR shelf so YAY for 5/5 stars :)

  2. I (on purpose) didn't read any other reviews before reading this so that I could form my own opinion. I can see, I guess, why this may not have worked as well for others, but I'm happy to report that I loved it!!!

  3. What a beautiful, passionate review. Can't wait to read mine.

  4. I too have seen some reviews that weren't so good for this book. I am glad to see you really enjoyed it. I can tell you really loved this book. I think this is a book I would enjoy.

  5. I, too, have been waiting for this book, having devoured her first two books exactly the same way you did. I got my copy via Amazon today and thought I'd sneak into a few reviews before opening the book. Read yours first and that's enough for me. Thanks!

  6. I can't wait to read this book! I read Love Walked In over 3 years ago and still think about those characters at times.