Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Salon

Well, we survived J.'s first week of work at his new job. I think that "survived" isn't a good word for it, because it went surprisingly well. He feels welcomed by the people that he'll be working with, and he's fairly confident about his ability to perform his job already. Next week will be the big week for him, since he'll spend the entire week on the floor with his new team, but I have no doubt that he'll nail it (although we're expecting some soreness, the job can require some awkward positioning!). We found out the fantastic news that he is on "swing" shift, meaning that he works two weeks days, followed by two weeks of the afternoon shift. The alternative was him working straight nights (11 pm-7 am), and I much prefer what he ended up with. We've been getting up at 5 am every morning- him to get ready for work, and me to make his lunch and see him off. I tried to go back to bed those first two mornings, but found that I couldn't sleep anyways. Now I spend my time on the computer or getting things done and am appreciating all of that quiet time while the kids sleep!

Thankfully the rest of the week wasn't overly busy. I didn't work a lot (I needed certain days off so that I could be home when H., 5, got off the bus), but when I did work it was certainly busy! We went to "Meet the Teacher Night" at the boy's school on Tuesday night and it was nice to see some familiar faces there, as well as meet some new people. Last night we went and visited my in-law's for the evening, and today we plan on relaxing as much as possible since tomorrow morning comes early!

I didn't get a ton of reading done this week. I finished Juliet by Anne Fortier, and I read YOU comma Idiot by Doug Harris (review to come). I've just started reading Star Island by Carl Hiaasen (a library copy), and since I'm only a few pages in, I'll see if it grabs me or not (it probably will, I'm into celebrity culture). While at the library I also picked up Revenge by Sharon Osborne (I was suprised to see that Sharon Osborne had written a fictional novel, but after I googled it I found out that she had used an anonymous ghostwriter as well). I'm also supremely happy that I am almost all caught up with reviews. I have two more to write, and one is for the book that I finished last night, and it feels good to be almost caught up. I like to keep my pile of "books to be reviewed" at a manageable level, as I find that I write my best reviews when I have recently read the book. October is going to be a busy month (I'm participating in some fantastic book tours!) so I wanted to be caught up by the end of this month, so that I'm not overwhelmed.

That's it for me, how was your week last week?


  1. glad to hear your husband
    s job seems to be a good fit; wishing him happiness and success.

  2. So glad the hubby had a great first week! And I laugh at you saying how you barely had time to read and yet still finished/talked about three books in one week! That's a lot to me! I'm averaging about two books in one month these days.