Monday, January 18, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. Every week we share what new books came in our mailbox last week! Warning: Mailbox Monday may lead to toppling TBR piles and staggering Amazon bills!

This week brought one new addition to my TBR pile: an ARC of Chantel Simmons' latest, Love Struck. I was so excited to read this one that I started it on Saturday and am almost finished! You'll have to wait for my review, though, as this book will be released on February 15th. Here's a description from the publisher's website:

"In the vein of her popular debut novel, Stuck in Downward Dog, author Chantel Simmons brings us a funny, heartfelt story about losing the perfect life—and finding a real one.

When twenty-seven-year-old image consultant Poppy Ross discovers that her handsome and seemingly devoted husband Parker is having an affair, she is dumbfounded. Before she has chance to confront him, however, he is struck by lightning. When he regains consciousness, he has lost his short-term memory—including that of the affair. Given a chance to erase history and possible save her marriage, Poppy decides to remake herself in the mistress’s image, so that Parker might never be tempted to stray again. Her quest to become his perfect woman has disastrous and hilarious results—and might turn out to be the worst thing possible for her marriage."

What was in your mailbox last week?


  1. Love Struck looks like a fun chick lit read.

    Will look forward to your review in February!

  2. I remeber Stuck in doward Dog, I'll have to check out her new one :)

  3. Oh, this sounds like such a fun read. Have a great week, enjoy all your new books and happy reading!

  4. This looks like a fun book. I love the cover! Enjoy!

  5. So flattered that you liked it! Starting on Feb 1, and running for 14 days I'll be giving away an advanced reader copy of Love Struck, plus a different beauty or style prize every day -- valued at $100 or more! If you want to win, you can enter every day on my Facebook fan page or on Twitter by retweeting the contest, if you're interested!

  6. Sounds like a fun book, and it has a cute cover. Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Diary of an Eccentric