Monday, October 26, 2009

Review: "After You" by Julie Buxbaum

I picked up this book from my library after reading some glowing reviews from fellow book bloggers whose opinions I've come to respect! These book bloggers said that this was a book not to be missed, that Julie Buxbaum sucks you into the story, and they were absolutely correct! I practically devoured this book in one sitting, unable to put it down for fear that I would miss something.

After You is the story of Elle, a woman whose life is turned upside-down the morning that she learns that her best friend, Lucy, has been brutally murdered by a meth-addict attempting to steal her diamond ring. Making matters worse is the fact that Lucy's 8-year-old daughter, Sophie, witnessed the whole thing. Elle abandons her life in the States and flies over to be with Lucy's husband, Greg, and Sophie, leaving her own husband, Phillip, behind. Elle moves into Lucy's home and begins to help to pick up the pieces of Greg and Sophie's shattered lives, but she ends up getting more than she's bargained for. After learning Lucy's dark secret, kept from everyone including her, Elle is even more reluctant to leave Sophie motherless. However, Elle must decide if she is content living Lucy's old life, or if she should take some risks and return to her own.

I absolutely loved this book. The plot was addictive, the characters easy to relate to, and the writing style compelling. I had a hard time putting it down and would highly recommend this book to any fiction fan. You will not be sorry that you picked this one up. I'm planning on reading Julie Buxbaum's earlier book, The Opposite of Love, but am almost afraid that I won't love it as much as I loved this one. Has anyone read The Opposite of Love and have an opinion?


  1. Hi Jonita,
    Thanks so much for the lovely and thoughtful review of AFTER YOU. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the book, and so appreciate you taking the time to write about it. If you do pick up THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE, you'll have to let me know what you think!

    All the best,
    Julie Buxbaum

  2. Great review, Jonita! On your rec, I'm adding this to the TBR. I love a book that you can't put down...though it's always sad when they end, isn't it?

  3. Julie: Thanks for stopping by! I really did enjoy the book and am planning on adding "The Opposite of Love" to my TBR pile.

    Jackie: You won't regret reading this one! I'm not the only blogger who has raved about it- in fact I read it because others were raving :) And yes, I hate it when a good book ends, I just want it to go on and on!