Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Has This Ever Happened to You???

Last night I walked into my living room and stopped. And stared. With my jaw hanging open. My husband, without any ill intention (thank goodness) had Apparently, he thought that he needed two of the shelves on my bookshelf for his movies and PS3/X Box games. I have absolutely no problem with him needing the space, but instead of asking me to move my books, he had them scattered everywhere among the other shelves. It was like a book massacre! What he didn't know was that I have a "system" with my books: I have a shelf of books from publishers/authors awaiting review (high priority), another shelf of books won from contests or recieved from friends (low priority) and a shelf of books that I have purchased personally (medium priority). Once I'm done with a book from one of these three shelves they are moved to a shelf of "read" books, but not in a specific order, usually by author or genre. It took me about 20 minutes, but I restored order in my bookshelves and managed to clean off the shelves a little so hubby could have his space.

What I found so funny about all of this is that I didn't even realize how specific I am about my system until hubby moved my books. Does anyone else have a funny book quirk like this??


  1. I am very possessive about my book shelves. :)

    My husband has his own bookshelf where he keeps his stuff...but he reminds me constantly if I leave books "strewn" about the living room, to put them away. I tend to get kind of carried away and leave books on end tables and coffee tables.

  2. LOL, it's just so funny that I didn't realize how possessive I was until my husband dared to move them! He has two of his own shelves now, though, which I hope will keep him happy, and I think that he knows not to touch mine again. The look of horror on my face when I found out that he had moved them said it all, LOL!

  3. Dude, that's and DVDs go in drawers and cupboards and cabinets.

  4. every surface in our house that is not a quilting space is a book space. Hubby doesn't tend to move books, but the dogs has knocked over a few of the little tables and the stacks of books on top have gone flying. Now the dog thinks he can read and he is trying to pick up the books. oh help us all.

  5. The same thing happened to me a while ago. We had just moved and I have this huge bookcase that I systematically placed my preferred books in. After the bookcase was full, I realized that the wall plug was behind the unit, and it was too heavy to move full of books. The next day when I went to work my husband (thinking he was helping) took all the books out and plugged in the lamp behind the bookcase. He then put all the books back (all mixed up) YIKES!!

    When I got home and saw it. I told him "please never move my friends again, they are quite upset"...LOL

    So yes, i am quirky about my books!

  6. I hate it when someone takes a book from my shelf and leaves it lying around. Usually I find that if I notice a book to be missing, I get a sudden urge to read it, and I turn the house upside down to find it, resulting in everybody yelling at me for messing the house up in search of a book

  7. My hubby has the whole entertainment center in the living room for his stuff. He better not touch my books!

    When my bookshelf collapsed several months ago, the poor guy thought he'd be helpful and stack everything neatly for me, but he mixed everything up and I was so upset. LOL

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