Monday, June 8, 2009

Contest: "Summer is Short: Read a Story!"

Harper Collins Canada has recently announced their newest reading challenge! The theme for the summer challenge is "Summer is Short: Read a Story!". Deanna at Harper Collins has compiled a list of short stories and the rules are simple: read one from each of the two categories and then talk about them anywhere online! You can tweet about them, review them on Facebook, or post about them on your blog (Be creative! The sky's the limit!) and then e-mail whatever you've come up with to Deanna. Everyone who participates in the summer challenge is entered to win a book of their choice from the upcoming fall challenge.

I know that the summer months are busy (our calendar is pretty much full up until September!) but this challenge is short on purpose, making it easy for everyone to pick up a book and participate! I've personally participated in every Harper Collins reading challenge so far, and have discovered new favourite authors along the way (I fell in love with Wally Lamb after reading "The Hour I First Believed" for the winter challenge!) So, this summer, pick up a book and discover someone new!

Full details of the contest are available here, so check it out and start reading!

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