Friday, January 16, 2009

The Warm Up For Winter Reading Challenge is Here!

Wow, it's been a crazy week! On Tuesday my oldest son landed himself in the Emergency Room after falling on the ice at school (thankfully only a sprain!), on Wednesday I had to take my youngest son to the doctor's office for an immunization, and yesterday was the day I registered my middle son for Junior Kindergarten (sniff, sniff). The house is disastrous, I'm exhausted, but I thought that I would just leave a quick note to let everyone know that Harper-Collins has announced their newest reading contest! I find the newest edition of the contest to be particularly well thought-out and exciting; there's a way for everyone to participate, no matter what your reading preferences! I'm particularly looking forward to reading Christopher Moore's new novel, "Fool".

So, curl up under a blanket, have a cup of coffee, and start reading for "The Warm Up For Winter Contest". If that doesn't warm you up in this ridiculously frigid weather, nothing will!

(I'll be posting two new book reviews later on today or tomorrow- just as soon as I get some work done around here. *Yawn*)

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