Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Coraline" Neil Gaiman

I picked up a copy of "Coraline" after seeing a preview for the upcoming movie. I generally find that I enjoy the book far more than the movie, so I try to read the book before I even have a chance to see it (case in point: The Harry Potter series; the books were ten times better than the movies).

The premise of the book is this: It's summer and Coraline Jones is bored. She explores her new home and gets to know her eccentric neighbors, but she is fascinated by a door in her living room that leads only to a brick wall. One day, after a series of strange nighttime happenings, she unlocks this interesting door only to find that it no longer leads to a brick wall but to a fascinating corridor. This hallway leads to a house that is just like hers, but with a few exceptions. Her real mother has been replaced by her "other mother"; someone who looks just like her mother but she has weird fingers and buttons for eyes. Coraline's "other mother" wants Coraline to live with her forever; she needs someone to love and to love her in return and will do just about anything to make this happen. Coraline must decide if she wants to live in this strange world where anything goes or if she wants to return home; if she wants to return home she's going to have to be rather clever for the other mother is determined to keep her there.

This was a charming children's book; well-written with great visuals. I have a feeling that the movie is going to be great; there's just so much to work with! I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

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  1. I bought this book years ago for my son. It sat unread. Then Deanna suggested it as a current topic for discussion so I dug it out, but my daughter grabbed it before I could get at it. Now I have to wait for her to finish.