Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Snow Day!

Wow! I just get back to work (and back into the groove of things- it usually takes a couple of days after a break!) and we have a snow day already. I completely understand that the Board of Education has a huge responsibility when it comes to deciding whether or not buses should run, BUT that being said, I drove to Tim Horton's this morning with no problems. I could have driven my bus run without a problem, and most of the other bus drivers that I know could have too, depite the fact that we drive a lot of backroads out here. Better safe than sorry, though, and I know that the safety of the children we transport is a huge factor when deciding whether or not the buses should be cancelled.

So, that leaves me with an entire (delicious) day of getting things done, which I love to do. Although the fact that all three kids are bored might slow me down a little. I've given them a stack of boxes that they have permission to both sit in and eventually destroy, which should buy me 15 minutes of computer time. I also have plans to take down our Christmas tree today, and I should be able to get it all done now that I don't have to work. I was reluctant to take it down this year because this is the first year that the boys haven't had it completely re-arranged within a week. They all love turning it on, which is why if you drive by our house right now, the tree is pretty much always on. Why deny them one of the simple pleasures in life, namely looking at pretty twinkling Christmas lights? I'm also hoping to get the first entry of my Food blog for completed and up. I'm totally behind on that, so I should get going on it.

Well, on I go for now; the boys are almost finished destroying the boxes so I should try to come up with something else to amuse them. Happy Snow Day for all those who are off!

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  1. I just called my son's school and low and behold no cancellations yet. But, my doctor's office called and cancelled my appointment...

    Havea good "Snow Day" xxx