Thursday, November 27, 2008

Books, books, and more books!!!

Inspired by Marci over at Travels of A Bookworm I decided to show you my own pile of books that are on the top of my computer desk waiting to be read. It seems like I either have a ton of stuff to read, or pretty much nothing at all, and right now the books are plentiful. Not that I'm complaining! The library called yesterday to tell me that two more books that I had requested were in, so I added them to the pile and wondered when the heck I would get around to reading them all! Right now I'm reading for Harper-Collins' Fabulous Fall Reading, as well as reviewing some books for Mini Book I'm also reading books that have come recommended by others, of course, which makes for a heck of a lot of books to read! So, my pile grows and grows, and I am definitely not at a loss for what to read on these cold winter days!

Speaking (or in this case, blogging) about winter, has anyone else noticed that Christmas is sneaking up on us? It seems like I am already consumed with the shopping and the planning and the baking and the visiting that seems to overwhelm me each Christmas season and it's not even December yet! And while we are on the topic of Christmas, what is the one thing you're really hoping for this season??? Me?? I really want a George Foreman would make low-fat winter cooking so much easier for me.....

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  1. LOL awwwwww !!! you've made me proud!!

    I just started The Hour I First Believed like um yesterday and am like hmmmm how can I say this little more then halfway through. I cannot put it down for more then 30 minutes. Just finished The Given Day, it was good I enjoyed it. You'll have to give me your email addy through my profile...

    I'm gonna take a break from Wally's book If I can, I am soooo addicted. Talked to my son's teacher about books at his parent teacher interview and we have the same tastes as I think we're going to be trading books back and forth! Don't even talk to me about xmas...Xbox and maybe a cheap ipod for my son. I don't want anything just peace and quiet and as long as he is happy I am happy :) And im trying to quit smoking too, soooo the books are taking my mind of smoking, least I think it is..