Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Fabulous Fall Reading Challenge is Here!

This summer I participated in the Savvy Summer Reading Challenge organized by Harper-Collins Canada, a publisher that I absolutely love because they give their readers so many opportunities to read and experience their books. I really feel that too many publishers forget that their everyday readers are often the ones who read the book and tell their friends about it, blog about it, or simply pass their copy on. That's what generates buzz about a book! Harper-Collins Canada is a publishing house that is careful not to forget their reader, and because of this I've read, bought, and reviewed a lot of their books.

I was very excited this afternoon to find out that Harper-Collins Canada has started up their Fabulous Fall Reading Challenge, which goes to December 31st, 2008. It's really simple. Read a book on the list of books included in the challenge, find some way to share how much you loved (or didn't love!) it, and let Deanna McFadden know that you took the time to share. It's simple, it's fun, and it amuses this mom of three to no end. So, if you love books, you can't lose. Get reading!

On another note, I was one of the winners of the Savvy Summer Reading Challenge! I'm very excited! I don't win things very often, but this was a great contest to win!

Thanks Harper-Collins! And happy reading all!!!

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