Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Remembering the Bones" Frances Itani

At a loss for what to read this summer, I was excited to see that SavvyReader was having a reading "contest" of sorts, with lots of suggestions for books that I should be reading this summer! I highly value the reading suggestions of those who are in the know, and I wasted no time in requesting the books on the list from my library.

The first one to arrive was "Remebering the Bones" by Frances Itani. The book begins as Georgina Witley prepares to leave her home for the airport, as she has been chosen to celebrate her birthday with the Queen of England because their birthday's share the same day. At this point I was excited, because I love all things English and couldn't wait to hear about Georgina's experiences at the castle. However, her trip was not meant to be, as she encouters trouble shortly into her journey and her car flips into the ravine. Thrown from her car and unsure how bad her injuries are, Georgina spends the rest of the book reminiscing about the past 80 years of her life, the people that she's met along the way, the mistakes that she's made, and the hardships that she's faced. The book's tone was similar to having your "life flash before your eyes" as you approach death, although the time frame was more generous.

I enjoyed the book because it offered a glimpse into the life of another, but altogether I found the conclusion unsatisfying and at times, the plot even more so. I didn't feel as if I connected with any of the individual characters because we only got to know them through the reminisces of one woman. It was interesting for what it was, though, and despite my vague feeling of dissatisfaction, I would reccommend it to others looking for a summer read.

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