Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Candy Everybody Wants" Josh Kilmer-Purcell

The Characters:
Jayson: a quirky teenager who will do anything for fame
Trey and Tara: Jayson's next-door neighbors, twins with attitude!
Willie: Jayson's little brother
Toni: Jayson's mom

The Plot: Jayson, an aspiring film-maker and actor, is forced to leave his home without a minute's notice and go and live with the father that he's never met. His father has connections in "the business" and hooks Jayson up with an audition and he's well on his way to stardom!! Along the way Trey, his childhood friend goes missing, Tara, Trey's twin, comes to live with him in New York, and Jayson's mom tries to explain why she made him leave in the first place.

The Good: The character development in this book was amazing. Kilmer-Purcell makes each and every crazy, misunderstood character come alive within the pages of this novel. Jayson is depicted as a screwed up teenager with lofty dreams and goals that he will stop at nothing to achieve. His mom, Toni, is even more screwed up than Jayson, yet she loves her sons deeply and truly is trying to do her best for them. Tara, beneath her tough exterior, has had to endure a lot and can see the world for how it really is. Willie, Jayson's little brother with a handicap is far smarter than anyone gives him credit for. The other characters that we meet along the way are equally well-developed, and the reader gets this chance to really "get" the characters. Kilmer-Purcell definitly has a gift in this area.

The Bad: There was a lot crammed into such a short book, however I did enjoy it despite the barrage of events thrown at us.

Would I recommend it? Definitely! Please read it (not for anyone who doesn't enjoy controversial subject matter, though!)

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